The Best Software for Email Marketing Management

The Best Software for Email Marketing Management
Published in : 26 Mar 2022

The Best Software for Email Marketing Management

Entrepreneurs are always looking for methods to enhance their marketing efforts. With a return on investment of $42 for every $1 invested, email marketing remains a powerful marketing technique.

To fully use the potential of email marketing, you must first choose the software that will allow you to take your marketing to the next level.

Email marketing software is much more than a tool for sending and tracking emails. And also, tools for expanding your audience, segmenting your lists and combining your marketing channels. Then you can make the program an excellent tool for growing your company and increasing income.

What Is Email Marketing Management?

Email marketing management is used for advertising a company's goods and services while encouraging client loyalty.

Email marketing is a way to inform consumers about new goods, promotions, and services. It may also be used to educate or engage your audience between transactions.

It might also be a mix. Mailchimp can help you plan, develop, and optimize your email marketing campaigns for maximum ROI (Return on investment).

Email marketing is one of the most outstanding—and effective—tools for marketing initiatives. This post will cover how email marketing management may help you develop your company.

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Email Marketing Strategy

As we know, an email marketing strategy is a collection of processes that a marketer develops and implements to attain specific marketing objectives using email marketing.

This strategy provides organizations with a direct line of contact with prospects and consumers to promote their brands.

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Best Email Marketing Software And Tools

For business growth, you'll need easy-to-use email marketing software that converts leads into customers. It may seem straightforward, but with over 450 email marketing tools to pick from and with every email marketing company's website stating the same thing - it's anything from straightforward. So, let's see what are the best email marketing software and tools.

Email Marketing Softwares

You should create emails, segment your list, tailor your message, and examine analytics results using the finest email marketing software. They should be reasonably priced.


Due to its strong automation capabilities and deliverability, ActiveCampaign is the top pick for email marketing software. Machine learning is the most brilliant tool on this list. ActiveCampaign's Predictive Actions automatically take action for you and drive your customers along the sales funnel.

This includes Facebook, Shopify, WordPress, and many more. You may construct list triggers and transfer people depending on dynamic email content, sales follow-ups, and more. They are sturdy and manageable.

This data syncs with their CRM to deliver improved lead scoring to sales teams. That system is adaptable. Lead scoring is a mechanism to provide points to certain email subscribers based on their activities.

A particular point threshold triggers a new automated funnel or contacts your sales staff. And also, large firms use it to nurture email leads in the most customized manner. Email deliverability is also a significant selling factor, outperforming all other systems.

Their emails are less likely to be flagged as spam and are more likely to reach Gmail and Outlook primary inboxes.


HubSpot is the most comprehensive marketing platform. Their email marketing platform makes it simple to create, optimize, and deliver outstanding emails. Whether you're a small or big company, you may customize and improve your account.

You may either utilize one of their pre-made email templates or create one from scratch. You may add text, pictures, buttons, dividers, and other items to these themes. Their email editor was the simplest to use. It's quicker and easier to use than the other tools.

Preview your email design on multiple recipients, devices, and email applications, including Gmail and Office 365. This is a great tool. Email subject lines, preview text, and content may vary depending on the recipient's email client. Emails look excellent in any inbox.

HubSpot also excels at personalization. You may customize material using typical merge tags like the recipient's first name. HubSpot goes one better. This includes a device, list section, and geolocation.

You may also A/B test subject lines and content to enhance email open and click rates. When you're ready to send your email, you may utilize their Smart Send feature. This function helps you to optimize your transmit time. After sending your email, check your stats. The HubSpot analytics dashboard tracks openings, clicks, and time spent on your email.


GetResponse software is an all-in-one web marketing solution. They assist you in promoting with email campaigns, landing sites, and webinar software. And also, auto funnel stands out as a solution with 30+ pre-made landing pages, email templates, and sales sequences.

It's up to you. Autofunnel may help you generate leads, sell products, or register for webinars. However, several of their 500 templates are obsolete, and their deliverability is average compared to others on this list.

GetResponse's clever automation features are one of its greatest assets. You may use advanced criteria to separate your lists automatically. Their drag-and-drop builder is also incredibly user-friendly. GetResponse is an excellent tool for building automated sales funnels and landing pages.


A 360-degree picture of your organization with Gist marketing automation, live chat, and email software. They also provide sophisticated features like event monitoring and a knowledge base to automate client assistance.

Gist's chatbot features are exceptional. Their GistBot pre-qualifies leads and schedules meetings for your sales staff in any language. You may assign discussions to team members, send private notes, and manage them using simple open/close statuses.

Their visual workflow tools help you engage and convert consumers. You utilize actions and tags to track consumer activity, segment audiences, and distribute messages properly. The Gist is a terrific all-in-one marketing solution for organizations trying to generate sales leads.

Free Email Marketing Softwares

Many businesses accept this predicament because they are unwilling to invest in a process simplifier. Email marketing tools do not have to be pricey. There are several free email marketing solutions available to save time and money.


EmailOctopus software is a basic email marketing solution powered by Amazon SES. A lot more emails each month than most of the other free email marketing tools on our list.

You may send emails from as many addresses as you like. As an outcome, it is ideal for small agencies or entrepreneurs. It also interfaces with third-party programs like MailOptin, WordPress, and Zapier.


Mailjet provides easy-to-use tools for creating efficient email marketing campaigns. Customize any of the pre-designed templates to generate responsive emails that look great on any device.

If you operate in a team, you'll adore the platform's real-time collaboration function. This email marketing solution also helps you include dynamic material to make emails more customized. This improves the outcomes of email marketing initiatives. You can also combine it with your CRM and manage your email list from one place.


Moosend is a great email marketing solution that saves time by automating repetitive operations. You may create behavioral email campaigns based on your subscribers' data. You can send highly targeted emails to each recipient using smart segmentation, enhancing open and click-through rates.

A thorough marketing performance report lets you know precisely how to improve your campaigns' success. It can also be integrated with your favorite applications to smoothly transfer data across them, one of the few free email marketing solutions that don't feature branding.


MailerLite stands out among free email programs due to sophisticated features like landing page builder and pop-up customizer. The program includes a powerful text editor and a picture editor in addition to the basic drag-and-drop email builder.

You can develop adaptable landing pages to match your emails and increase conversions. You may test various email variants to discover which ones get the most clicks and conversions. MailerLite also delivers a detailed campaign report with key metrics like click, unsubscribe, and open rates.

Email Marketing Tools

To sell your goods and services, email marketing tools are convenient and cost-effective. They're handy marketing tools for tiny enterprises that lack technological expertise. Globally, there were about 3.7 billion email users in 2017, with 4.3 billion expected by 2022.


EasySendy is one of the significant email marketing solutions available. It enables you to take leads straight from a website and send them automated emails. Its unique feature allows you to send emails just to people who did not open your previous campaign.


The email marketing capabilities in Mailgun help you optimize your campaigns. Consider it a cloud-based email service that sends, receives, and tracks emails. It provides excellent incoming email routing, storage, and validation functions.

Primarily, it makes sending transactional or mass emails easier. It searches logs. You can scale fast. Email tracking and analytics are possible.


Through emails and other consumer interactions, Exponea helps you better understand your customers. Their entire email marketing toolkit can help you target the correct consumers.

Exponea's Client Data & Experience Platform (CDXP) collects, analyzes, and combines customer data to create 360-degree profiles. It then uses multichannel marketing to boost client loyalty, income and save time.


Leadfeeder is an email marketing platform that offers website visitor monitoring. Once you know who visits your site, you may collect additional data and send mass mailings to increase conversions.

With this email marketing tool, you may locate new customers by tracking who visits your website. You may discover out who visited your site, how they found you, and their interests. Send mass emails to your leads to increase conversions.

Best Email Marketing Course Online

Email is a powerful marketing tool. Almost every company has it, and practically everyone has an email. Depending on your organization's size and marketing plan, emails might be a low-cost approach to reach large audiences.

That's why digital marketers should prioritize email marketing training classes. These are some of the most outstanding email marketing training courses available today. Each of these email marketing courses takes a unique approach. These courses vary from free to affordable for most digital marketers.

 01. HubSpot Academy


 03. ClickMinded

 04. Udemy

 05. Email Academy

Which Is The Best Email Marketing Service For You?

The best email marketing service for you is HubSpot. Famous for its marketing automation platform, HubSpot announced a free email marketing solution to handle most small company transactional emails.

The free edition of HubSpot Email Marketing may send kickback emails from lead offers, thank you emails after purchases, or merely promote existing campaigns. The simplicity of HubSpot's free email tool is a plus.

The program includes a drag-and-drop visual editor and pre-made templates to get you started quickly. The integrated connectivity with other HubSpot solutions, including the free-for-life CRM, is what sets HubSpot Email Marketing apart. Create a centralized contacts database, arrange it into lists, and manage and analyze email performance.

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Email marketing tools and software are a must-have for an efficient email marketing plan for your organization. Among other things, these email marketing solutions guarantee your carefully prepared messages don't get banned and reach your subscribers at the right moments. They may assist keep your chosen set of clients interested and active.