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EmailGenerator.org is a custom and random fake temporary email address generator (disposable email address) with an inbox. Receive an email to your selected free temp mail address. We are not like most other email generators. Our email generator will not generate a used email address once again. It means you always receive a unique and new email. (So, don't close and stay with us.)

Frequently Asked Questions

People need temp emails or fake emails for different perspectives. But, the commonest use of custom temporary email is securing the primary email from disturbing spam messages. The emailgenerator.org is the well-known best temporary email generator of the era.

This advanced free email generator can create the best temp mail addresses to verify your identity. People can create their primary email through Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or any other platform they desired. But, it is annoying to use this primary email for all your needs as spam messages, junk files and the risk of possible damages to your online security systems

The temp email generator can use many times even for the same purpose. It means your verification will be directly received by the email generator. So, it is easy to confirm your identity without letting your primary email at risk.

This is not as real email generators that are sometimes charged for use. Most of the fake email-generating tools are free for customers. Similarly, emailgenerator.org is also available for free usage without any hidden payments.

When you go through several random email generator tools, you will end up with a few unique questions. The administrative panel of emailgenerator.org, hope to give some tricks at the very beginning to offer a happy journey in the email verification. We hope the following FAQs and answers will guide you to use our site.

What is a temporary email?

This is simply a second or third email that you use for the additional purposes of registering with different sites or to confirm your identity.

So, the user will receive emails for this temporary email address and the access will expire after a short period. Thus, this is an ideal way to generate an email address for short-term needs.

How to make a temp email?

Visit emailgenerator.org and customize the username to generate an email address. If you wish, there are options to customize domains as well.

Well, finally, why you should select emailgenerator.org out of other fake email address generators?

We are not like most other email generators, emailgenerator.org will not generate a used email address once again. It means you always receive a unique and new email.

Further, our site will never allow third-party people to see or edit emails that are received for you.

How to register on a site with a temp email?

First, visit emailgenerator.org and create your disposable mail address. Then, copy it. Next, you can paste the created mail address in the registration panel. Now, the third-party site will say that your registration needs email confirmation. So, you are supposed to confirm the mail by opening this confirmation email.

How to open temp mail?

You will not have an inbox, sent box or outbox options in temp email addresses as it is created through emailgenerator.org. But, once your confirmation email receives, it will display on the site.

Then, you can open it by clicking on the email notification on the site. Once you finish the task, the generated email will then pass into the disposable list. Thus, you need to create another one for other purposes.

How to recover a temp mail?

Now, most of the fake random email generator provides the facility to recover temp emails to use them again. Often, there is a page that saying "recover email". You should use this page to obtain your temp email address again.

But, make sure you have the email token which is appearing at the lower margin of the page when generating the temp email. So, in case, if you expected to recover this email address even after closing, you should save this token.

Once you visit the " recover email" page, you should add the token and confirm that you are a human. Next, the email will recover to use again

Is temp mail legal?

Since this is a way to protect the privacy of your primary email address, it is not illegal. But, sometimes, using temp email addresses to confirm your identity may be bad for honesty. That's it. Yet, until you do not intentionally use fake email generators for illegal purposes, this is completely ok.

Temporary EmailGenerator

(Disposable Temporary Email Address) protects your real email address from spam, Advertising mailings, and Malwares. Email Generator will never allow third-party people to see or edit emails that are received for you.