Advantages and Disadvantages of Societal Marketing Concept

Advantages and Disadvantages of Societal Marketing Concept
Published in : 26 Mar 2022

Advantages and Disadvantages of Societal Marketing Concept

Marketing is a business orientation that has been developed as a management discipline over the years. Accordingly, the primary purpose of marketing is to find the needs and wants of the customers and tries to satisfy them better than the competitors.

The concept of Societal Marketing is marketing that targets the consumer with a social dimension and society in general and includes non-economic criteria. According to this concept, priority is given to protecting or enhancing the well-being of the individual while caring for the long-term needs of society.

Societal Marketing and Social marketing should not be confused as a single concept. Societal marketing emphasizes social responsibility and is built on a combination of both the short-term needs of individual consumers and the long-term well-being of society. The purpose of this article is to explore and fully understand the concept of societal marketing.

What is the Societal Marketing Concept?

In addition to the general marketing concept you know, societal marketing highlights human well-being before meeting consumer needs and profits. In order to maintain long-term success, it is interested in maintaining the well-being of customers and society better than competitors.

Accordingly, the organization should formulate a marketing strategy to give value to the customers to improve the well-being of society. Societal marketing focuses on protecting or enhancing the well-being of the individual while caring for the long-term needs of society.

This does not emphasize working for the betterment of society regardless of consumer needs and profits. The concept of societal marketing means that a company should make good marketing decisions with a good understanding of the following trinity.

# Customer needs

# Company requirements

# Long-term needs of society

This allows the needs of the target markets to be met more efficiently than the competitors. Societal marketing is something you should use for the company because it creates a company-friendly image, increases sales, and increases profits. This concept is closely linked to sustainable development and emphasizes social responsibility.

Societal marketing is essential for sustainable marketing, socially and environmentally responsible marketing that meets the current needs of businesses. So nowadays, companies are working to fully or partially implement the concept of societal marketing.

The concept of societal marketing was introduced in 1972 by Philip Kotler. This concept arose because of the unethical practices of many companies. Also, this concept is an evolution of old corporate social responsibility concepts and sustainable development.

Accordingly, your company can use this method to improve the public image through customer and social welfare activities.

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Importance of Societal Marketing Concept

The concept of societal marketing helps the company to make maximum profit. It is the primary objective of an organization, and the concept also builds a long-term relationship with customers.

It also serves the next purpose of an organization. Many companies today are using this concept correctly, reaping huge benefits and strengthening the economy.

The Societal Marketing Examples

Societal marketing ensures sustainable development. It emphasizes that a business must consider the long-term well-being of society in order to achieve its mission and vision. An organization must have ethical and eco-friendly strategies and make strategic marketing decisions taking those factors into account.

The concepts of social marketing should be used by almost every organization today based on increasing environmental degradation, resource scarcity, increasing population, and abandonment of social services. Consumer satisfaction work should be done by institutions in line with long-term social welfare.

Consider, for example, products with plastic and polythene packaging.No matter how good the product is, if the package is not disposed of properly, there will be huge social and environmental damage.

The fast-food industry provides tasty foods, but they are high in fat and are bad for your health. Such products are also packaged, as mentioned above, and they generate a lot of waste.

It causes plastic and polythene packaging products as well as fast food outlets health and environmental issues in the process of customer satisfaction.I have mentioned here only two examples.

Accordingly, it will be clear to you that a company should consider the profit; customer needs the needs of society as well when formulating a marketing strategy.

Societal Marketing Concepts

Below are three things that companies should consider when formulating their marketing strategies in the concept of societal marketing.

# Human Welfare - Society must first acknowledge the products, services, or whatever the company produces.

# Customer Satisfaction - The customer must be satisfied with the product or service provided by the business.

# Company Profit - Maximize profits and wealth by building and strengthening customer relationships, being socially responsible, and providing quality products.

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Advantages of Societal Marketing Concept

Your company should adopt the concept of societal marketing based on the following advantages. We have mentioned the benefits of societal marketing throughout this article. In addition, the following advantages can be mentioned.

# This concept is more important for economic planning and makes people's lives more productive. Accordingly, it raises the living standards of the people to a higher level than it was then.

# It accelerates the economic development of the society as it ensures that all economic resources are directed in the right direction.

# It develops entrepreneurs and managers in a specific society.

# Society realizes that the closer companies are to their customers, the more their business objectives expand outside the business. This pushes organizations to make a significant contribution to the well-being and well-being of society.

Companies use societal marketing strategies to encourage people to do things for the greater good and to achieve the company's goal. This is a marketing philosophy, and companies will use the societal concept of marketing to change themselves and connect with their customers.

Disadvantages of Societal Marketing Concept

There are pros and cons to any good thing. One disadvantage here is that the message you give to society must be accurate and clear, otherwise, the organization's efforts will be in vain.

An organization’s correct social marketing strategies will not go to the club with a poorly communicated message. Accordingly, it may be more difficult to convince the population of the benefits. So while there is a social benefit, another disadvantage here is that it is not visible to the company's customers or audience.

If the above disadvantages occur, the company will not reap any benefits from the extra efforts it makes in societal marketing. Another important disadvantage is that some companies use the concept of societal marketing to deceive their customers.

Sometimes a company may not be able to convince its employees and partners to adopt societal marketing methods to get any good results. That is another disadvantage.

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Bottom line

The societal concept of marketing is that a company formulates its marketing strategies in a way that benefits its customers, the community, and the company. That is to build strategies and business operations in line with the objective of sustainable development.

A company that adopts the concept of societal marketing pursues strategies in line with its goals to have a positive impact on society. If the concept of social marketing is followed and implemented correctly, the company can reap significant benefits while benefiting consumers and society.

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This article tries to give you an idea of the advantages and disadvantages of the concept of societal marketing. We hope this article will help companies overcome the disadvantages and build a positive brand image and long-term relationship with their customers.